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"I know our best days are ahead of us, yet today's challenges are different than those of the past. We need bold leadership to build our brightest future!"

- Marisol Johnson

Better Schools

Baltimore County's public and private schools have long been among the best in Maryland. Today, we face new challenges that must be met in order to ensure that our schools remain the best. Many of these challenges are related to the demand for our good schools. Our school system is the 25th largest in the United States. This requires prudent budget management and smart planning to face the challenges of the future. We need a real commitment to our public schools, as well as creative approaches and new partnerships to ensure that our schools remain among the best in the country. 

After serving as Vice-Chair of the Baltimore County School Board, as a member of the Pikesville area parent-teacher associations, and raising four children who attend our public schools, Marisol has the experience and knowledge to ensure that a Baltimore County education will continue to prepare our children to excel for years to come. 

Jobs, Opportunity, and Revitalization

Baltimore County has changed over the years to become more and more a place to live, work, and play. Our County boasts small town main streets, downtown districts, by job hubs, and mixed-use centers. We want our Second District commercial corridors to be thriving small-business incubators and centers of cultural life, growing jobs and opportunity for County residents. This means focusing on revitalization, business development, job and skills training, and other policies to support business owners. We also want our streets to be clean, safe, and attractive as public spaces, with transportation options and good quality infrastructure.

As a business owner, Marisol understands why businesses choose Baltimore County, and she will work to make sure our County continues to grow and thrive.

Smart and Responsive Government

Elected officials should serve constituents by listening to their concerns and taking action. Services should be easy to access, efficient, and useful. Problems should be addressed immediately with a plan for action. Government should also take advantage of data to craft better policies and to get ahead of problems where possible, instead of reacting to them. It should make that data available to constituents so they can research their own issues and be their own advocates. This is what County taxpayers expect and deserve. 

As a community leader, Marisol understands how important it is for government to listen to communities and provide high-quality service in a timely manner.